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Studies in Spirituality

Curr. vol.: Vol. 28 (2018)
Iss./vol.: 1
Pgs./vol.: 300 p.
Price: 85 EURO

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Editors:  Waaijman K. , Blommestijn H. , Litjens W.
ISSN: 0926-6453
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The purpose of this journal of the Titus Brandsma Institute (Nijmegen) is to publish scholarly and specialized articles on spirituality and mysticism, and thus promote spirituality as a science. Since spirituality needs a multi-disciplinary approach, Studies in Spirituality covers a wide spectrum: theoretical questions about spirituality and mysticism; fundamental aspects and phenomena of spiritual transformation; important currents, periods and figures in the different spiritual traditions. The focus is mainly on Judeo-Christian traditions, although not exclusively. The editorial board has as its aim the elaboration of spirituality as an academic science with a specific object and methodology - a science in continual dialogue with the other sciences that may assist in clarifying questions and problems in spirituality. It believes that the art of understanding human transformation is best served by the study of spirituality. For this reason, the journal makes available the findings of the most recent research of contemporary scholarship in spirituality.

Studies in Spirituality is abstracted and indexed in Elenchus Bibliographicus (Ephemerides Theologicae Lovanienses); CrossRef.

Studies in Spirituality is a peer-reviewed journal.

English, German, French, Spanish

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