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Thomas Instituut Utrecht
Thomas Instituut Utrecht is a peer-reviewed series.

1Schoot H.J.M.
Christ the Name of God. Thomas Aquinas on Naming Christ
2van den Eynden J.
Poverty on the Way to God. Thomas Aquinas on Evangelical Poverty
3Schoot H.J.M.
Tibi soli peccavi. Thomas Aquinas on Guilt and Forgiveness
4Goris H.
Free Creatures of an Eternal God. Thomas Aquinas on God’s Infallible Foreknowledge and Irresistible Will
5Leget C.
Living with God
6Valkenberg W.G.B.M.
Words of the Living God
7van Geest P. , Goris H. , Leget C.
Aquinas as Authority
8Luijten E.
Sacramental Forgiveness as a Gift of God
9Hoogland M.-R. C.P.
God, Passion and Power
10Gradl S.
Deus beatitudo hominis
11Roggema B. , Poorthuis M. , Valkenberg P.
The Three Rings
12Ryan F.
Formation in Holiness
14Kostelecky M.
Thomas Aquinas's «Summa contra gentiles»: a Mirror of Human Nature
15O'Reilly K.E.
The Hermeneutics of Knowing and Willing in the Thought of St. Thomas Aquinas
16Goris H. , Hendriks L. , Schoot H.J.M.
Faith, Hope and Love
17Goris H., Schoot H.J.M.
The Virtuous Life
18ten Klooster A.
Thomas Aquinas on the Beatitudes
19Schoot H.J.M., Vijgen J., Verburgt J.
Initiation and Mystagogy in Thomas Aquinas