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Collectanea Hellenistica (KVAB)
Collectanea Hellenistica is a peer-reviewed series.

1Van 't Dack E. , Clarysse W. , Cohen G. , Quaegebeur J. , Winnicki J.K.
The Judean-Syrian-Egyptian Conflict of 103-101 B.C.
2Clarysse W.
The Petrie Papyri Second Edition (P. Petrie²)
3Vandorpe K. , Waebens S.
Reconstructing Pathyris' Archives
4Vandorpe K.
The Bilingual Family Archive of Dryton, his Wife Apollonia and their Daughter Senmouthis
5Vierros M.
Bilingual Notaries in Hellenistic Egypt
6Vandorpe K. , Clarysse W. , Verreth H.
Graeco-Roman Archives from the Fayum
7Van Beek B.
The Archive of the Architektones Kleon and Theodoros
8Römer C.
The Fayoum Survey Project: The Themistou Meris
9Bailey D.M.
The Fayoum Survey Project: The Themistou Meris