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Peeters is an international scholarly publishing house, based in Leuven/Louvain, Belgium. Established in 1857, the company has published some 4000 titles since its foundation. Each year, around 150 new titles and 60 journals are published, both in print and online.
Peeters was set up to serve the academic community by printing and publishing books and journals in English, French, and German. As a publisher, the company's main strengths are in the fields of Theology, Patristics, Philosophy, Ethics, Classical Studies, Archaeology, History of Art, Medieval Studies, Oriental Studies, Linguistics and Literature. Peeters is also well known in the academic publishing world as a printing house of the highest quality, offering print services in a very wide range of languages, scripts, and fonts.
Peeters publishes original research and reference material. All publications are supervised by an editorial board and are fully and independently peer-reviewed.

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