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Anonymi Introductiones Montane Maiores
An Edition of the Text with an Introduction, Notes and Indices


Editors:  Bos E.P., Spruyt J.

Year: 2017
ISBN: 978-90-429-3240-1
Pages: LII-338 p.
Price: 109 EURO

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It has been a long time ago since Professor De Rijk first drew our attention to an important Parisian manuscript containing two treatises on logic, both connected with the School of the Montani. The school was established in the twelfth century on the Mont Sainte Geneviève (which is situated in what is nowadays known as the Quartier Latin). It was dominated by master Alberic (Albericus) of Paris. The Montani were the heirs (faithful or not) of Pierre Abelard, Robert of Melun and this master Alberic. The present work aims to provide a first working edition of one of the treatises in the manuscript, the Introductiones Montane Maiores. This introductory work on logic contains a wealth of information about the way in which logic was taught and practiced in the schools of Paris of the twelfth century. It also gives insight into the vicissitudes of the teachings of different Parisian masters. The edition is preceded by an extensive introduction, with information about the origins and contents of the text and discussions of some interesting doctrinal elements.

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