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An Early Reader of Mark and Q


Editors:  Verheyden J., Van Belle G.

Year: 2016
ISBN: 978-90-429-3261-6
Price: 84 EURO

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The present volume contains the proceedings of the Second International Colloquium of the Leuven Centre for the Study of the Gospels which dealt with the major source- and redaction-critical issues that are at stake in explaining the composition and theology of the Gospel of Mathew. Though a "classical" question, the issue seems to have lost some of its momentum in recent years, but the papers and the discussion they brought about demonstrate that it remains a crucial aspect and foundation for any type of research on the gospels. Contributors were asked to study the ways Matthew has composed his gospel on the basis of various sources and traditions, which at times he used quite freely, putting his own mark on part of this source material, and even combined with such sections he probably created himself. The overall picture is that of an author who is constantly in dialogue with the Christian tradition he had received, while also actively contributing to its further development for some of the central topics of Christian theology. Contributions by H.T. Fleddermann, P. Foster, J.S. Kloppenborg, J. Marcus, M.J.J. Menken, U. Poplutz, C.M. Tuckett, A. Wucherpfennig, R. Zimmermann.

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