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Studia Hierosolymitana

Authors:  Dequeker L.

Year: 2016
ISBN: 978-90-429-3311-8
Pages: XII-249 p.
Price: 65 EURO

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Prof. Em. Dr. Luc Dequeker (KU Leuven, Faculties of Arts and Theology) presents in this volume previously published articles and three new contributions concerning Jerusalem and the Jewish Temple. The first part concerns the rebuilding of Jerusalem and the restoration of the Temple after the Babylonian Exile. The second part deals with the cultural split in Jerusalem's temple milieu during the 'Maccabean' period. Two studies here deal with the site of the Syrian Aqra near the Temple and the site of the Royal Necropolis in the newly created 'City of David' on the Western Hill. The third part discusses the presentation in Jewish visual arts of the hoped for restoration of the Temple by the Messiah. The fourth part concerns the expectation of the New Jerusalem in Christian belief as reflected in the Book of Revelation and on the Ghent Altarpiece of Jan van Eyck.

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