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Studies in the Christian Latin Poetry of Late Antiquity

Authors:  Evenepoel W.

Year: 2016
ISBN: 978-90-429-3349-1
Pages: X-479 p.
Price: 88 EURO

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In this volume twenty-two studies published by Willy Evenepoel in international journals and collections during the period 1978-2010 have been brought together, namely two general contributions (one about the study of early Christian poetry, another about the place of poetry within Late Antique Christianity), fourteen contributions on Prudentius, five on Paulinus Nolanus' Carmina natalicia and, finally, one on Dracontius' De laudibus Dei. The collection does not only enhance the availability of the contributions in question, it also allows the readers to get a better perspective on the interconnection between the contributions at hand. The author has added extra value to the collection by supplying indices and also by adding a large critical survey of the recent research on the subjects that are dealt with in the collection.

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