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Paul's Triumph
Reassessing 2 Corinthians 2:14 in Its Literary and Historical Context

Authors:  Heilig C.

Year: 2017
ISBN: 978-90-429-3392-7
Pages: XVI-338 p.
Price: 86 EURO

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Paulís metaphorical language in Second Corinthians 2:14 has troubled exegetes for a long time. Does the verb 'thriambeuein' indicate that Paul imagines himself as being led to execution in the Roman triumphal procession? Or is, by contrast, the victory in view that the apostles receive themselves? Maybe the Roman ritual does not constitute the background of this metaphor at all? Clarity with regard to these questions is a pressing issue in Pauline studies, given the fact that this metaphor introduces a central passage in the Pauline corpus that is of crucial importance for reconstructing the apostleís self-understanding. Heilig demonstrates that, if all the relevant data are taken into account, a coherent interpretation of Paulís statement is possible indeed. Moreover, Heilig brings the resulting meaning of Paulís statement into dialogue with the political discourse of the time, thus presenting a detailed argument for the complex critical interaction of Paul with the ideology of the Roman Empire.

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