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Context and Connection
Essays on the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East in Honour of Antonio Sagona


Editors:  Batmaz A., Bedianashvili G., Michalewicz A., Robinson A.

Year: 2018
ISBN: 978-90-429-3403-0
Pages: XXVIII-1059 p.
Price: 135 EURO

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Dedicated to Professor Antonio Sagona on the occasion of his 60th birthday, this Festschrift commemorates his many contributions to the archaeology of the ancient Near East. Featuring 64 chapters, Context and Connection is focused largely but not exclusively on work conducted in eastern Anatolia and the southern Caucasus, those regions to which Professor Sagona has devoted his career. With contributions from his colleagues, students and mentors - and much collaboration between them - the volume is divided into six sections: Reflections, Cultural connections, Landscape studies, Artefacts and architecture, Scientific partnerships and Retrospectives and overviews. Containing reports on recent archaeological studies, as well as expositions of long-researched materials and sites, the chapters are intended to be of use to the specialist scholar and student alike. Comprehensively illustrated, and with abstracts in both Turkish and Georgian, this book addresses established and emerging questions facing Near Eastern archaeologists today.

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