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Ausgewählte Studien zum Johannesevangelium. Selected Studies in the Gospel of John. 1998-2013

Authors:  Labahn M.

Year: 2017
ISBN: 978-90-429-3404-7
Pages: XXXVIII-598 p.
Price: 92 EURO

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This volume contains English and German articles of Michael Labahn on the Gospel of John. The 17 articles are grouped under four headings: Reports of research, Interpreting John in the context of the Old Testament and history of ancient religions, Studies in major Johannine topics, and Studies in individual texts. The volume presents the most relevant and groundbreaking articles of Labahn which cover a wide range of approaches and address many subjects. The articles illustrate Labahn’s approach for integrating methods and meanings, a typical feature of most of his work. Furthermore, it is one of his intentions to read the Gospel of John as an integral part of nascent Christianity, hence developing its own peculiar interpretation of Jesus as the son of God and giver of life. Labahn’s often inspiring essays yield valuable new insights and have been well received in the scholarly community. This collection brings together into one volume articles that had been published in various places but have a thematic and theological coherence.

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