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Language, Grammar, and Erudition
From Antiquity to Modern Times


Editors:  Swiggers P.

Year: 2018
ISBN: 978-90-429-3422-1
Pages: X-422 p.
Price: 84 EURO

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This volume is a collection of papers in honour of Alfons Wouters. The contributions reflect the multiple aspects of Wouters’ scholarly activity: ancient grammaticography and language philosophy; humanistic education; literary and documentary papyrology; history of books and libraries in Antiquity. The papers are grouped into three sections: Language, philosophy and books: from ancient Greece to Byzantium; Grammar, writing, language contacts: Latin Antiquity and the Middle Ages; The classical heritage and its fruits: concepts and techniques. The volume opens with a biographical sketch and the list of publications of A. Wouters.

Contributions by: L. Basset, V. Bécares Botas, P. Berrettoni, F. Biville, G. Bonnet, W. Clarysse, B. Colombat, P. De Paolis, D. Donnet, A. Garcea, R. Gusmani, J. Lallot, A. Luhtala, M.-H. Marganne, S. Matthaios, V. Mazhuga, A. Papathomas, T . Quadrio, D. Schenkeveld, F. Schironi, J. Schneider, I. Sluiter, P. Swiggers, D.J. Taylor, J. Uría, P. Van Deun, L. Visser.

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