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Sharing the Word of Hope with the World - Das Wort der Hoffnung mit der Welt teilen - Compartiendo la Palabra de la Esperanza en el Mundo


Editors:  Toldy T., Dievenkorn S.

Year: 2016
ISBN: 978-90-429-3426-9
Pages: VI-223 p.
Price: 50 EURO

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The 16th conference of the ESWTR, held in Crete, took place in the midst of the European financial and banking crisis in Greece and the beginning of the challenge of refugees. In this yearbook, female scholars reflect on the current political situation in Europe in the light of Hope. The fact that the conference took place in Greece gave a unique chance to women from Southern and Eastern countries in Europe to participate.

The articles in this yearbook not only highlight the aspects of the hostile relations that human beings developed towards each other, they analyze very sharply the reactionary and misogynic politics in Europe nowadays. The role of women in the dissemination of the hopeful biblical message, their social involvement as well as their engagement in the transformation of this world, is a main focus in the relevant theological discussion.

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