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Contemplate the Gentleness of God

Authors:  Dumont C.

Year: 2017
ISBN: 978-90-429-3464-1
Pages: XXVIII-310 p.
Price: 34 EURO

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One of the most beautiful Hymns of the Liturgy of the Hours begins with this verse: «Who is God to love us so much...? » In discerning the mystery of the unspeakable love and tenderness of God for the humanity and for the entire universe, the book of Claire Dumont, intertwined with biblical wisdom, shares the experience of a believer who is always seeking for a better answer to the unending question: Who indeed is God?

The reading of the Bible, as much as the experience of the humanity, often heaves us into a scenario of violence that seems to obscure its meaning. Nevertheless, gentleness and tenderness are brought forward through countless witnesses and by an irrepressible desire for compassion and peace.

It is in contemplating the gentleness of God the Father, Son and Spirit - their unconditional love - , that we can assimilate and regain this gentleness in the Church, in society, in families, in communities or in small groups. By her simple approach, the author dares to witness with great conviction and openness to this profound mystery.

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