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Words and Symbols
Sasanian Objects and the Tabarestan Archive


Editors:  Gyselen R.

Year: 2016
ISBN: 978-2-9521376-8-3
Pages: 192 p.
Price: 85 EURO

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Carlo G. Cereti et Zohre Bassiri, «On a Few Sasanian Bullae from the Collections of the National Museum of Iran»; Rika Gyselen, «Sasanidische Siegelsteine de P. Horn et G. Steindorf revisité»; Ursula Weber, «The Inscription of Abnun and its Dating to the Early Days of Shabuhr I».

L'archive du Tabarestan (VIIIe siècle)
Dieter Weber, «Court Records of Lawsuits in Tabarestan in the Year 86/7 PYE (737 CE): A Philological Examination»; Maria Macuch, «The Legal Context of the Tabarestan Court Records (Tab. 1-8, 10)»; Philippe Gignoux, «Une archive post-sassanide du Tabarestan (III)»; Dieter Weber, «Two Documents from Tabarestan Reconsidered (Tab. 12 and 26)».

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