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The Virtuous Life
Thomas Aquinas on the Theological Nature of Moral Virtues


Editors:  Goris H., Schoot H.J.M.

Year: 2017
ISBN: 978-90-429-3471-9
Pages: X-302 p.
Price: 62 EURO

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This book is devoted to the so-called moral virtues, especially those moral virtues of which Christian tradition upholds that they are given by God to the faithful. For instance patience, humility and justice. There are not only different interpretations of these infused moral virtues, but it also is not unambiguous in the theology of Aquinas how these virtues are related to the virtues human beings acquire on their own accord. What is the relationship with Scripture, how do these virtues colour the imitation of Christ, and what do these virtues tell about the moral life of non-Christians?

The papers contained in this volume address this theme, and were originally presented at the fifth international conference of the Thomas Instituut te Utrecht (Tilburg University), at Utrecht in December 2015.

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