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A True Scribe of Abydos
Essays on First Millennium Egypt in Honour of Anthony Leahy


Editors:  Jurman C., Bader B., Aston D.

Year: 2017
ISBN: 978-90-429-3480-1
Pages: XVI-503 p.
Price: 105 EURO

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This book comprises twenty-two articles devoted to First Millennium Egypt, all intended to honour Antony Leahy, whose interest in this period is well known to scholars of this period. Both archaeology and philology are represented in this volume as well as studies on history and material culture. The interlocking interpretation of texts and objects is also noteworthy. The paper by Karl Jansen-Winkeln re-examines the question of the Libyan or Egyptian nature/origin/ethnic identity of the Third Intermediate Period, whilst others are more specific in their scope. Chronological discussions concerning the order of the kings of the 25th Dynasty in Egypt and Nubia are presented by Gerard Broekman and Roberto Gozzoli. Several objects belonging to a king Djehutyemhat are described by Troy Sagrillo. Statues belonging to the Memphite governor, chancellor and scribe to the king Horsematuyemhat; the Theban governor Nesptah A; the admiral Hor, who presumably lived in Tell el Yahudiya; and the royal tutor Ankhefensenmut from Permanu are discussed by Mélanie Cressent, Frédéric Payraudeau, Campbell Price and Oliver Perdu respectively, with the latter arguing for an identification of Permanu with Kom Firin. The Theban choachytes of the Third Intermediate Period are studied by Cynthia Sheikoleslami, whilst Maria Cannata reports on the remains of an embalmer’s cache from the Saite Period. The minor arts of the First Millenium BC are addressed by Claus Jurman, who writes on a number of seals, Julia Budka, who deals with Twenty-fifth Dynasty votive pottery from Abydos, Benjamin Hinson, who reports on the presence of bells in First Millennium private tombs, and John Taylor, who discusses two lost Twenty-second Dynasty Theban cartonnages. Other studies examine the possibility of a third large Twenty-first dynasty cache at Thebes (David Aston); the possible location of the tomb of Osorkon III at Thebes (Michinori Ohshiro); the use of Pyramid texts in Twenty-fifth and Twenty-sixth Dynasty tombs (Antonio Morales); Saite warfare (Alan Lloyd) and Thirtieth Dynasty Apis burials (Didier Devauchelle). The volume also comprises philologically orientated contributions on Glorification Texts (Martin Bommas) and the Horus Throne in djet and neheh (Stephen Gregory). The collection of articles is rounded off by Günter Vittmann’s account of a previously unpublished letter written in abnormal hieratic from Amheida in the Dakhleh Oasis.

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