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The More Torah, The More Life
A Christian Commentary on Mishnah Avot

Authors:  Joslyn-Siemiatkoski D.

Year: 2018
ISBN: 978-90-429-3512-9
Pages: XVI-394 p.
Price: 58 EURO

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Mishnah Avot is a collection of wisdom sayings from the sages who comprised the earliest generations of rabbinic leadership. Over the centuries, Jews have studied and reflected on Mishnah Avot, seeing in it a guide to the development of wisdom revealed in Torah. The More Torah, The More Life offers a commentary on Mishnah Avot and the teachings of later Jewish scholars who commented upon it. Using the musical metaphor of resonance, this book shows how a Christian theological engagement with rabbinic literature yields new questions concerning the nature of Jesus Christ, the relationship between Israel and the Church, and the significance of Torah for Christians. The More Torah, The More Life offers new direction in the development of non-supersessionist Christian theology while also advancing engagement with Judaism as an area of concern in Christian thought and practice.

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