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The Fayoum Survey Project: The Themistou Meris
Volume B: The Ceramological Survey

Authors:  Bailey D.M.

Year: 2019
ISBN: 978-90-429-3628-7
Pages: VIII-348 p.
Price: 96 EURO

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This volume accompanies Volume A which presents the archaeological survey of the sites of the Themistou Meris (north-western Fayoum), by giving a thorough introduction to the pottery found during the survey. The great doyen of the pottery of the Graeco-Roman period in Egypt, the late Donald M. Bailey, did not live to see his volume in print. His legacy is an exemplary study of forms and materials of the different kinds of ceramic vessels, from amphorae to cooking-pots and from coarse kitchen ware to fine table ware. The book is rounded up by two short essays, which add up-to-date information on the pottery found in the Themistou Meris as well as in other districts of the Fayoum.

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