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"The Spirit Helps our Weakness"
Rom 8,26a in Light of Paul's Missiological Purpose for Writing the Letter to the Romans

Authors:  Vollmer T. A.

Year: 2018
ISBN: 978-90-429-3638-6
Pages: XVIII-319 p.
Price: 86 EURO

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ďThe Spirit Helps Our WeaknessĒ examines the fundamental question of how precisely the Spirit aids the weakness of believers. After an initial discussion on the way Rom 8,26-27 has been interpreted, the study explores the central issues and conclusions in scholarship on the Romans debate. Building upon that scholarship, this study contends that Paulís purpose in writing the letter revolved around a missiological imperative, which permeates the letter. The second part of the work provides an exegetical analysis of Rom 8,26a, including the way in which the clause fits within its broader context, particularly within vv. 26-27. In light of Paulís missiological motivation, this study argues that the Spirit serves as activating agent to accomplish Godís mission. Ultimately, the missiological nature of the Spirit, working within believers, underlines the priority for Paulís ministry and by extension, his purpose for writing the Letter to the Romans.

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