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Christian Theology and the Transformation of Natural Religion: From Incarnation to Sacramentality
Essays in Honour of David Brown


Editors:  Brewer C.R.

Year: 2018
ISBN: 978-90-429-3639-3
Pages: X-289 p.
Price: 74 EURO

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David Brown (b. 1948) is a Scottish Episcopal priest and theologian whose work covers a vast terrain spanning methodological divisions between philosophy, Christian theology, religious studies, the arts and culture. Early work on the Trinity and Incarnation led to a Newman-inspired articulation of Scripture as tradition, and, related to this, the exploration of tradition as revelation with reference to a wide range of human experience. Moving from materially-mediated divine presence to culturally-mediated revelation, Brown’s phenomenology of religious experience amounts to a transformed natural religion along sacramental lines. Essays in this volume consider Brown’s wide ranging and generative contributions in three parts: 1) Reason, Faith & Tradition, 2) Incarnation & Trinity, and 3) Sacramentality & the Arts, with a concluding response from Brown himself that addresses ‘religious experience and revelation’, as well as ‘secular culture and religious distinctiveness’.

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