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'Deus summe cognoscibilis'
The Current Theological Relevance of Saint Bonaventure


Editors:  Begasse de Dhaem A., Galli E., Malaguti M., Pascual R., Salto Sola C.

Year: 2018
ISBN: 978-90-429-3692-8
Pages: XII-716 p.
Price: 85 EURO

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The volume presents the proceedings of the international congress, fruit of a common research project envolving 48 scholars, that took place in Rome to celebrate the 8th centenary of Saint Bonaventure’s birth. The theme, “Deus summe cognoscibilis”, could sound, in the contemporary agnostic, secular context, like a provocation. However, the approach of the congress was to consider “the current theological relevance of Saint Bonaventure”, focusing on thinking with our author about a number of themes: theological method (philosophy, theology and mysticism); revelation (in Scripture and history); creation (in Laudato si’ and evolution theory); Christology (the triplex Verbum and logos of the Cross); ecclesiology and Trinitarian dimensions of sacramental theology; pre-phenomenological Trinitarian theology, and our own divine filiation. An appendix contains a previously unpublished text of J. Ratzinger about Bonaventure’s theological method. The volume has also two indexes (authors and references to the works of Bonaventure).

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