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Translation - Transgression - Transformation


Editors:  Toldy T., Dievenkorn S.

Year: 2018
ISBN: 978-90-429-3708-6
Pages: VI-113 p.
Price: 50 EURO

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The ESWTR Conference held in Vienna in August 2017 had been titled "Translation. Transgression. Transformation." The challenges we want to share are ones that we have encountered in our own practical and theoretical work, and mostly challenges that each of us has noticed in herself. The bad news, so to speak, is that we believe that these are pitfalls that most of us fall into in some shape or form. The upside is that for the majority of these challenges, the most crucial factor is awareness. There is no magic formula for eliminating these challenges, other than trying to be mindful as we navigate through this field of interreligious community building.

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