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Editors:  Baert B., Heremans S.

Year: 2018
ISBN: 978-90-429-3724-6
Pages: X-402 p.
Price: 75 EURO

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Fragments presents one hundred and ten entries – from Acheiropoieton to Zwischenraum – that explore new insights and observations for research and criticism in art history, iconology and cultural anthropology. It offers a unique anthology of Barbara Baert's oeuvre. Each lemma bears the stamp of the author’s personality and work, sometimes in the form of an encompassing explanation, sometimes a brief experimental musing, illustratied by iconic artefacts.

This extraordinary glossary leverages the power of interdisciplinary research in art and human sciences, and invites the reader to consider the beauty of these disciplines by embracing multiple genres.

Fragments is Barbara Baert’s response to her being awarded the Belgian Francqui Prize Human Sciences 2016. This celebration book within the series Studies in Iconology is a token of gratitude and a sign of encouragement towards the desire of a deeper understanding of our artistic environments.

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