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Studia Paulo Naster Oblata, II: Orientalia Antiqua


Editors:  Quaegebeur J.
Year: 1982
ISBN: 978-90-70192-10-5
Pages: XII-343 p.
Price: 60 EURO

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Given P. Naster's numismatic, art historical, and archaeological background, and his expertise in Classical and Ancient Near Eastern subjects, the presentations to his 'Festschrift' cover a broad thematic and temporal span. The papers of volume II may be divided into the following general categories: philology (including general, Greek/Latin, Egyptian, South Arabian, Hebrew, Persian), Assyriology, Art History, Egyptology, and Anthropology, History, Hittite/Anatolian studies, Persian religion, and historical geography. Obviously, some studies will cover more than one definitive area.

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