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Old Babylonian Legal and Administrative Texts from Philadelphia

Authors:  Van Lerberghe K., Stol M., Voet G.
Year: 1986
ISBN: 978-90-6831-063-4
Pages: 55 p. + 112 pl.
Price: 34 EURO

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This volume contains the copies of 101 Old-Babylonian texts from the Collection of the Babylonian Section (CBS) kept in the University Museum of the University of Pennsylvania, as well as full indices to these texts. Almost all the tablets come from the Sippar region and have a juridical or administrative character. One group of texts provides new and additional documentation for the study of the rental of the "journey of the divine weapon". Some texts give more information on the role and integration of the Kassites in Old-Babylonian society. Most interesting are the so-called "Quasi-Hüllen-tafeln", closely related to a group of tablets belonging to the archives of Ur-Utu at Tell ed-Der. The seal impressions on the tablets, both text and representation, are studied by G. Voet, providing copies and description.

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