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The Apis Embalming Ritual
P. Vindob. 3873

Authors:  Vos R.L.
Year: 1992
ISBN: 978-90-6831-438-0
Pages: XVIII-423 p. + plates
Price: 82 EURO

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This book is the first complete edition of a hieratic-demotic papyrus preserved to this day in the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. The papyrus dates back to the middle of the second century B.C. and contains a minute discription of a considerable part of the embalming and burial rites of the Apis, the sacred bull of the Egyptians. The Vienna papyrus is the only authentic document to give a coherent picture of the course of events during the embalming of the holy animal, adding substantially to what we know already from the Serapeum stelae and the classical writers. The book comprises a general introduction, a translation with commentary, an annotated transcription, a glossary, several indexes and photos of the text.

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