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Aspects of Demotic Lexicography
Acts of the Second International Conference for Demotic Studies, Leiden, 19-21 September 1984


Editors:  Vleeming S.P.
Year: 1987
ISBN: 978-90-429-2855-8
Pages: XIV-162 p.
Price: 42 EURO

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The papers in these Acts of a conference held in Leiden in 1984 all revolve around a central theme. Demotic Lexicography is presented from a theoretical point of view, in its relation to the intricate demotic script, or to demotic grammar. Detail studies discuss various aspects of the subject, notably stylistics of individual texts, and sections of the demotic vocabulary (technical vocabulary, Greek loanwords). A number of reports provide a welcome survey of the current work within the field of demoic lexicographical studies and papyrology. This venue initiated the Demotists' Conference as a regular occurrence, and as a consequence a certain freshness and energy pervade these pages, ...

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