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East and West in the Crusader States. Context - Contacts - Confrontations I
Acta of the Congress Held at Hernen Castle in May 1993


Editors:  Ciggaar K., Teule H.G.B., Davids A.
Year: 1996
ISBN: 978-90-6831-792-3
Pages: XIV-203 p.
Price: 32 EURO

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This work, the Acta of the colloquium of the same name held in Hernen (Netherlands), is a collection of essays dealing with the relations between East and West in the context of the Crusader States. In this connection "East" refers in particular to the non-Byzantine Oriental Christians, Muslims and Jews who set the tone for daily life in "Outremer" to a great extent. Attention is focused upon the relations between the various communities, the social position of the minorities, and religious and cultural, especially literary, contacts and influences. With contributions by B. Hamilton, A. Davids, S. Schein, E. van Donzel, D. Jackson, R. Van Leeuwen, J. Weitenberg, H. Teule, K. Ciggaar, W. Aerts, J. Lafontaine, Indices.

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