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Ethics and the Life of Faith
A Christian Moral Perspective

Authors:  Möller G.
Year: 1998
ISBN: 978-90-429-0699-0
Pages: VI-157 p.
Price: 34 EURO

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How can someone, committed to a Christian view of life, reason concerning ethical issues ? That is the main question of this book, which seeks to contribute to an understanding of morality as a human phenomenon. A central question in this respect is how it is possible to understand human beings as persons having free will and moral responsibility. It emerges from the analysis that Christian faith contributes to ethics in three different ways: first, it provides a perspective on human life and its setting, second, it offers an understanding of human beings as personal subjects, while, third, the Christian tradition supplies us with edifying narratives containing patterns of good human life. In the final chapter, one particular case of applied ethics is analysed: How should the acceptable level of accidental death within a given context be established ?

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