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E.F.K. Koerner. A Bio-Bibliographical Notice

Authors:  Swiggers P.
Year: 1999
ISBN: 978-90-429-0800-0
Pages: VI-196 p.
Price: 30 EURO

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This fascicle contains the complete bibliography up to 1999 of E.F. Konrad Koerner, the founder and director of the journal Historiographia Linguistica (1974-), and editor of Diachronica and of various specialized linguistic series. Koerner's scholarly work, which is surveyed in the introductory "Biographical notice" (by P. Swiggers) focuses on the history of linguistics in the past two centuries, especially on the relationship between historical-comparative grammar and various forms of "general linguistics". The "Biographical Notice" is divided into seven sections: Books and Volumes edited; Articles, Chapters in Volumes and Minor Papers; Review Articles and Reviews; Miscellanea: Papers read; Journals edited; General Editorship. In the first paper that follows the bibliography, Koerner presents a critical overview of linguistic historiography and outlines some prospects. The second paper explores the delicate question of the role of ideological convictions in linguistics, and in human sciences in general.

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