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Exodus. Volume 3

Authors:  Houtman C.
Year: 1999
ISBN: 978-90-429-0805-5
Pages: XIV-738 p.
Price: 53 EURO

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This HCOT volume completes Houtman's monumental commentary on the Book of Exodus. It covers the legal texts (the decalogue and the 'Book of the Covenant') and most of the Sinai narrative. Beside a detailed and deliberate interpretation it provides an invaluable guide to the literature and the issues. The treatment of the 'tabernacle chapters' is of particular interest. The corresponding sections about the instructions for and the making of each part of the tabernacle are discussed together and placed in side by side columns in the translation. 'This excellent sudy will certainly make history' - M. Vervenne in Ephemerides Theologicae Lovanienses 68 (1992) 409. '...a splendid work...' - J.W. Wevers in Bibliotheca Orientalis 52 (1995) 743. 'The learning assembled in this massive work will be invaluable to students of Exodus' - G.I. Davies in Vetus Testamentum 48 (1998) 572. Cornelis Houtman is Professor of Old Testament at the Theological University Kampen.

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