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Yovhannes Drasxanakertc'i History of Armenia

Authors:  Maksoudian K.H.
Year: 1987
ISBN: 978-0-89130-953-6
Pages: 372 p.
Price: 37 EURO

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Yovhannes Drasxanakertc'i was a tenth century Armenian historian and katholikos who played a major political and intellectual role in efforts to liberate Armenia from foreign overlordship. Yovhannes' position of preeminence provided an unmatched vantage point from which to observe and record the events reconted in the "History". The present volume is a translation and commentary on chapters XXIV-LXVII of the import primary source. In addition to the translation, Maskoudian provides an extensive introduction to the historical and literary context of the "History", an extensive bibliography, and a number of detailed indexes.

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