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Jeremiah in Prophetic Tradition
An Examination of the Book of Jeremiah in the Light of Israel's Prophetic Traditions

Authors:  Lalleman-de Winkel H.
Year: 2000
ISBN: 978-90-429-0865-9
Pages: 279 p.
Price: 35 EURO

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In this study it is argued that the book of Jeremiah was influenced by the books of Amos and Hosea. All three books show a similar pattern of development. There is a correspondence between the reactions of those addressed and the prophetic message, which changes from the preaching of repentance to a message of irreversible judgment. Finally, these prophets testified that only God could bring about a new future. This study, which originally took the form of a dissertation, examines several topics common to Hosea, Amos and Jeremiah. Dr. Lalleman demonstrates important correspondences which point to a prophetic tradition received and developed by Jeremiah in his own way. The research concentrates on the themes of repentance and hope, covenant, and the role of the prophet in intercession, as well as his personal involvement in his message. The differences between these prophetic books, however, show that the individual characteristics of each prophet must not be neglected. The assumption of one monolithic Deuteronomistic redaction responsible for the editing of all the books is therefore unlikely. The prophets are best interpreted in their own historical contexts, although they are connected by a common spiritual heritage, a prophetic tradition.

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