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Métalangage et terminologie linguistique
Actes du colloque de Grenoble (Université Stendhal-Grenoble III, 14-16 mai 1998)


Editors:  Colombat B., Savelli M.

Year: 2001
ISBN: 978-90-429-0948-9
Pages: L-1086 p. (2 vol.)
Price: 134 EURO

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This volume contains the proceedings of an international conference held in 1998 («Métalangage et terminologie linguistique», Université Stendhal - Grenoble III, 14-16 May 1998). The first section contains 18 contributions dealing with foundational issues in linguistic terminology (its status, its constitution, the relationship between metalanguage and terminology, the adequacy of linguistic terminology, etc.). The second section, devoted to the history of linguistic terminology, contains 18 papers dealing with particular stages in the history of linguistic terminology in the West, and 8 papers on the history of linguistic terminology in non-Western traditions (Mesapotamia, Caucasia, Arab tradition, Jewish tradition, Japan). The third section is devoted to applicational fields of linguistic terminology. Its first subsection contains 10 papers on linguistic terminology and language teaching, whereas the second subsection contains 8 papers on specialized linguistic terminologies and on the metalanguage of adjacent fields. The third subsection contains 6 papers on contrasts and convergences between (nationally) diversified linguistic terminologies. The proceedings are rounded off with the transcription of the round table discussion that took place at the end of the conference. All contributions are followed by bibliographies. The volume is written in French and contains English summaries of all the papers, an index of personal names and of concepts. The editors of the volume teach at the Université Stendhal - Grenoble II.

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