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Politics, Administration and Society in the Hellenistic and Roman World
Proceedings of the International Colloquium, Bertinoro 19-24 July 1997


Editors:  Mooren L.
Year: 2001
ISBN: 978-90-429-0994-6
Pages: XXII-514 p.
Price: 97 EURO

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These are the Proceedings of one of the colloquia organized by the International Research Group "Society and Administration in the Hellenistic and Roman World", patronized by the Flemish Fund for Scientific Research in Brussels and composed of ancient historians of the Universities of Leuven, Brussels, Antwerp, Bologna, Leiden, Trier, Köln, Göttingen, Thessaloniki, Cambridge and London (see also Studia Hellenistica 34, 1998, and 37, 2002). The contributions cover a wide range of topics and a vast geographical area: new papyrological evidence on the taxes imposed by Vespasian on the Jews in the Empire and the collection of arrears by Domitian; new papyrological evidence on the foundation and organization of poleis in Ptolemaic Egypt; problems of taxation and other administrative questions in Ptolemaic and Roman Egypt; the upper strata of officialdom in the Seleucid kingdom and the entourage of the Antigonids; the Epirote Confederacy; the collapse of the monarchy in Syracuse; royal visits and regal displays in Ptolemaic Egypt; Egyptian temples and the Ptolemaic army; the settlements in the northern Sinai; the relationships between Greek subjects and Roman authorities in Asia Minor and elsewhere; people of Greek origin in Italy and the western provinces; the payment of Augustan troops in Germania Inferior. The volume is dedicated to the memory of Professors Edmond Van 't Dack (1923-1997) and Hubert Devijver (1936-1997).

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