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Contemporary Sacramental Contours of a God Incarnate


Editors:  Boeve L., Leijssen L.
Year: 2001
ISBN: 978-90-429-1094-2
Pages: 270 p.
Price: 25 EURO

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From November 3 to 6, 1999, scholars from various countries gathered in Leuven to participate in the second biannual 'Leuven Encounters in Systematic Theology' (LEST), dealing with 'Sacramental Presence in a Postmodern Context'. The volume consists of two collections of papers presented at this conference. A first part is devoted to Louis-Marie Chauvet's reconstruction of sacramentology. It includes the main lecture given by Chauvet at the Congress, together with related papers offering innovative viewpoints on Chauvet's sacramentology. The second part contains contributions from practical-theological, sacramentological and liturgical perspectives. By focusing upon the differing facets of 'sacramentality', each contribution seeks to explore the 'sacramental contours of a God incarnate' by bringing to light the vital role of 'sacramentality' in theological reflection as well as some of the aporias entailed in doing 'sacramento-theology' in the present postmodern context.

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