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Exodus. Volume 4

Authors:  Houtman C.
Year: 2002
ISBN: 978-90-429-1126-0
Pages: VIII-70 p.
Price: 14 EURO

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This volume is the supplement to the three volumes C. Houtman wrote on Exodus. It contains the indexes to his commentary which are designed to provide easier access to the wide range of subjects touched on than would be possible solely through consulting tables of contents. They are intended as starting points to put the user on the track of further information found in the many references in the text itself. The index of Hebrew words and phrases contains an overview of almost all the terms used in Exodus. Omitted are prepositions and some pronouns and particles. Personal and geographical names are included in the index of subjects. He also took the opportunity to make many bibliographical additions, especially of recent literature.

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