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Four Hundred Years Union of Brest (1596-1996)
A Critical Re-evaluation


Editors:  Groen B.
Year: 1998
ISBN: 978-90-429-0670-9
Pages: X-269 p.
Price: 47 EURO

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This volume contains the acts of the international congress on the Union of Brest which was held at Hernan Castle, the Netherlands, in March 1996. Most articles deal with historical aspects of the Union of Brest, adn the others with the current situation of the Union and ecumenical aspects. The contributors ara Sophia Senyk, Borys Gudziak, Francis Thomson, William Veder, Arno Langeler, Alexey Yudin, Michael Hrynchyshyn, Johan Meijer, Serge Keleher, Georgi Zyablitsev, Bert Groen and Anton Houtepen.

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