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Coptic Studies on the Threshold of a New Millennium
Proceedings of the Seventh International Congress of Coptic Studies. Leiden, August 27 - September 2, 2000


Editors:  Immerzeel M., van der Vliet J., Kersten M., van Zoest C.

Year: 2004
ISBN: 978-90-429-1409-4
Pages: XIV-1570 p. (2 vol.)
Price: 210 EURO

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The congresses organised every four years under the auspices of the International Association for Coptic Studies (IACS) are the main forum for scholars of Egyptian Christian life and culture through the ages. The proceedings of the seventh congress, which was held in Leiden in 2000, comprise ninety-nine papers, reflecting the growth and diversification of Coptic studies worldwide. They include valuable and sometimes groundbreaking essays in topics of, for example, Coptic language, literature, monasticism and archaeology. A particularly noteworthy and important feature of the present proceedings are the state-of-the-art reviews of current trends and achievements in the main fields of the discipline, written by invited experts and accompanied by extensive bibliographies. These review articles cover aspects of Coptic studies as diverse as papyrology, gnosticism, liturgy, Copto-Arabic and art history. They turn these two volumes into real reference books, indispensable for every scholar of early Church history, late antiquity and Near Eastern Christianity.

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