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Speaking Jewish - Jewish Speak
Multilingualism in Western Ashkenazic Culture


Editors:  Berger S., Pomerance A., Schatz A., Schrijver E.
Year: 2004
ISBN: 978-90-429-1429-2
Pages: XVI-344 p.
Price: 55 EURO

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As the world of Jewish studies continues to expand, «Studia Rosenthaliana» enters a new phase with this 36th volume, the first in a series of yearbooks. In this edition, an international panel of authors takes an innovative look at the theme of Jewish multilingualism from various, multidisciplined perspectives. Several research projects on various aspects of Dutch Jewish history and culture are currently under way at academic institutions in Amsterdam and elsewhere, while Dutch academics are regularly involved in extensive international research projects. The research that resulted in the articles presented in this volume of «Studia Rosenthaliana» was carried out by the Menasseh ben Israel Institute and the University of Amsterdam in collaboration with the Solomon Ludwig Steinheim Institute in Duisburg and forms part of a larger programme on Yiddish in the Netherlands currently being conducted together with the Abteilung für Jiddische Sprache, Kultur und Literatur at Heinrich Heine Universität, Düsseldorf.

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