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Back to the Rough Grounds of Praxis
Exploring Theological Method with Pierre Bourdieu

Authors:  Pilario D.F.

Year: 2005
ISBN: 978-90-429-1565-7
Pages: XXXII-584 p.
Price: 80 EURO

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"What is «praxis»? How do we do theology from its perspective?" These are the main questions which this book seeks to answer. As «propaedeutic» to theological reflection, it surveys the notion of «praxis» in the philosophical, sociological and anthropological traditions - from Aristotle and Marx to contemporary theories. It argues that Pierre Bourdieu's 'theory of practice' achieves a critical synthesis of these different traditions making it a viable theological dialogue-partner. Bourdieu provides us with a praxeological theory to scrutinize the complexity of the social realm and an epistemological theory to understand the mystery of God's presence in these socio-historical conjunctures which serve as the privileged and only locus of His/Her revelation. The author thus engages two theologians who take «praxis/practice» as central to their theological methods: Clodovis Boff (liberation theology) and John Milbank (radical orthodoxy). From the perspective of its appropriated framework, this work attempts to avoid the limitations as well as preserves the gains achieved by these two approaches - as it also explores the rudiments of a theological method relevant to our post-Marxist and postmodern-global contexts.

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