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The Teaching of Church-State Relations in European Universities - L'enseignement du droit ecclésiastique de l'État dans les universités européennes

Editors:  Gonzalez del Valle J.M., Hollerbach A.

Year: 2005
ISBN: 978-90-429-1610-4
Pages: VIII-195 p.
Price: 39 EURO

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There is great concern nowadays regarding the character and position of University studies all over Europe as the result of a possible coordination of University studies. Within this context, the subject of this book is the teaching and research activities of Universities and other European institutions in the field of Church-State relations. Four University scholars, Basdevant-Gaudemet, Puza, Kotiranta and Garcia Pardo, report along similar lines on the situation of University studies in this field in the different countries of the European Union. The first report also contains a historical description of the origins and development of the University studies of Church-State relations.

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