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The World as Sacrament
Sacramentality of Creation from the Perspectives of Leonardo Boff, Alexander Schmemann and Saint Ephrem

Authors:  Kadavil M.

Year: 2005
ISBN: 978-90-429-1636-4
Pages: 332 p.
Price: 17 EURO

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Sacramentology is one of the few theological disciplines that have undergone tremendous changes in the past. In the background of all these developments, this study aims to look for a paradigm, "the world as sacrament," that encompasses various trends and is relevant to the multi-religious context of contemporary society. At the very outset it is important to state that the paradigm proposed is not entirely new. The aim of this study is to rediscover this paradigm that existed from the beginning of Christianity. Its main concern is to see the different possibilities it offers for today, as well as observing the different concerns that are present in it. It is done from the perspectives of Latin, Greek and Syrian Christian traditions.

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