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Religious Experience and Contemporary Theological Epistemology


Editors:  Boeve L., De Maeseneer Y., Van den Bossche S.

Year: 2005
ISBN: 978-90-429-1647-0
Pages: X-335 p.
Price: 50 EURO

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In this volume we present the proceedings from the fourth international Leuven Encounters in Systematic Theology (LEST IV, November 5-8, 2003), which focussed on a critical investigation of the place and role of religious experience in the legitimation structures of contemporary theological thinking patterns. In the first part, the keynote lectures, including the responses, are gathered (among others from L. Boeve, F. Fiorenza, L. Hemming, G. Jantzen, S. Painadath, S. Robert, R. Schaeffler, and S. Van den Bossche). In the second part, a selection of the contributions offered in the thematic seminars is presented.

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