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Religion and Law in Dialogue: Convenantal and Non-convenantal Cooperation between State and Religion in Europe - Religion et droit en dialogue: collaboration conventionnelle et non-conventionnelle entre l'État et religion en Europe
Proceedings of the Conference Tübingen 18-21 November 2004 - Actes du Colloque Tübingen 18-21 novembre 2004

Editors:  Puza R., Doe N.

Year: 2006
ISBN: 978-90-429-1705-7
Pages: VIII-298 p.
Price: 45 EURO

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This volume contains studies, from the perspective of the countries of the European Union, on the means available to religious organisations to engage in dialogue with the States in which they exist. The studies explore the employment of covenants between religious groups and States as well as less formal facilities for dialogue and cooperation. The terms of the modern instruments of dialogue are treated, including in relation to the former communist member states, in their historical and political contexts.

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