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The Mission to Proclaim and to Celebrate Christian Existence


Editors:  De Mey P., Haers J., Lamberts J.

Year: 2005
ISBN: 978-90-429-1720-0
Pages: 372 p.
Price: 50 EURO

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«Omnes Gentes» is a collaborative effort between «Missio»-Belgium, the International «Lumen Vitae» Institute for Catechesis and Pastoral Studies (Brussels), the Faculty of Theology (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven), and the Faculté de théologie et de droit canonique (Université Catholique Louvain-la-Neuve). «Omnes Gentes» believes that the Gospel about Jesus Christ constitutes a challenging and life giving message for all people. The first part of this volume, "A Mission Statement for Today's Christians," contains the contributions of the first «Omnes Gentes» conference (2003). As the title suggests, this conference intended to make a statement on the missionary task of all Christians. In many contributions by Belgian and international scholars it is emphasized that mission is no longer seen as a unidirectional movement, starting from the Western Church, and that the Church in Belgium and Europe is a missionary Church as well. In the second part of this volume, "Rituals for Life," the contributions of the second «Omnes Gentes» conference (2004) are gathered. The fruitful exchanges between scholars from Belgium, Congo, Nigeria, Pakistan, Ucraine and the United States made it possible to reflect on the anthropological, ritual, liturgical and theological dimensions of a "lively" Christian liturgy.

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