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Armenian Job
Reconstructed Greek Text, Critical Edition of the Armenian with English Translation

Authors:  Cox C.E.

Year: 2006
ISBN: 978-90-429-1726-2
Pages: XVIII-446 p.
Price: 58 EURO

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Armenian Job presents for the first time a critical edition of the Armenian translation of Job, which was translated from a Lucianic Greek manuscript in the early 5th century, and is, therefore, an important witness in the Septuagint tradition. The Armenian text is accompanied by a retroverted Greek text and by an English translation of the Armenian based on the translation of Job in the «New English Translation of the Septuagint». The critical text is followed by a hundred pages of notes relating to issues of grammar, textual criticism, and the translator's technique in rendering the Greek into Armenian. The book begins with a listing of the 138 Armenian manuscripts that contain Job and the procedure for selecting the nine witnesses used in the critical edition; it ends with chapters devoted to the textual affiliations of the Armenian text, Conclusion, several appendixes, and a bibliography. In sum, this book makes a major contribution both to Armenian studies and to biblical studies; Armenian Job is the most extensive treatment of any biblical book in Armenian translation.

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