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As a Consuming Fire, Wisdom
Translated from the French by Adélard Faubert

Authors:  Dumont C.

Year: 2007
ISBN: 978-90-429-1926-6
Pages: XX-181 p.
Price: 24 EURO

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In a lovely book As a Consuming Fire, Wisdom, Claire Dumont shares with us her very profound, personal experience of the Wisdom Spirituality proposed by Saint Louis-Marie de Montfort in his masterpiece The Love Eternal Wisdom. Claire Dumont vividly describes the passionate loving relationship with God in which de Montfort invites us to enter. Those who will accept his guidance will be profoundly transformed, freed from their anxiety, pacified and encouraged to find their own happiness in the love and service of others. Thus the consuming fire of divine love will spread throughout a world which needs it so much.

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