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Q12: 33-34. Storing Up Treasures in Heaven

Authors:  Johnson S.R.

Year: 2007
ISBN: 978-90-429-1949-5
Pages: XXXII-213 p.
Price: 68 EURO

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This eighth volume in the Documenta Q series is concerned with the reconstruction of the Q text behind Luke 12:33-34 par. Matt 6:19-21. Storing up Treasures in Heaven takes up important wisdom themes such as the proper disposition of wealth, the importance of prioritizing one's thoughts and concerns, and the means to gaining eternal - not temporal - rewards. Parallels are found in literature as early and diverse as the Gospels of Mark, John, and Thomas, the Epistle of James, and Justin's Apology. The International Q Project's presentation of the critical text of Q 12:33-34, together with the exhaustive history of research on which it is based, will considerably enhance research in the Sayings Gospel Q, the historical Jesus, and the ethical concerns of early Jesus movements.

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